Creation of employment contracts

Case Study

Creation of employment contracts

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About the company

Human Resources Department in a company with several thousand employees


Time-consuming calculations and manual entry of earnings values on bank forms was a grey daily routine of the process manually carried out by HR staff. Moreover, the heavy burden on the human resources team generated delays in issuing certificates.


The robotisation of the process prepared by the Automade team allowed the Automade Robot to automatically download human resources data from the SAP system and fill in the forms in PDF format on 5 selected templates of bank documents.


This type of process can be partially prepared by Automade business users after training.


  • 90 certificates per month x 15 minutes for downloading data and writing documents (each), totalling 22.5 hours per month.
  • Elimination of delays in the delivery of the forms. The waiting time has dropped from ~2 days to ~1h.
  • A decrease in frustration of the HR employees: reduction of manual work consisting of the manual writing of employee documents.


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