Preparation of staff contracts for foreign employees

Case Study

Preparation of staff contracts for foreign employees

Automade-ikona-automatyzacja procesów kadrowych

About the company

A small company dealing with comprehensive support for foreigners taking up employment in Poland.


The preparation of employee documents necessary for the employment of foreign workers was carried out fully manually. A laborious and repetitive process required the creation of two language versions of documents, where the same data were manually entered (e.g. name, address, ID/passport number, etc.). It took more than 30 minutes to create one set of documents with over 30 pages.


Automade implementation specialists analysed the process, recommended minor modifications, and prepared the automation. Automade Robot uses an Excel form as a basis to complete the whole set of documents needed to hire a new employee. The only thing left for the HR personnel is to do a final verification of the data.

The process of this class can be completely self-prepared after basic training.


  • Service time for 1 contract dropped from 30 minutes to 8 minutes
  • This saving has increased the number of contracts handled daily by one employee
  • The quality of the prepared documents has increased due to the taking over of manual, repetitive work by the Robot and the number of errors resulting from the transcription of data itself has dropped to zero
  • Company’s Customers were more satisfied due to the reduced time of service delivery
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