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See in what teams robots are used

Automation works best in:

Financial and accounting teams

Robots e.g., download invoice files from one system and enter them into another, cyclically export data concerning social security declarations, check contractors’ bank accounts saved in the accounting system with a whitelist, generate JPK files and send them to the Ministry of Finance and much more.

Customer service teams

Robots process incoming requests and send automatic notifications to the appropriate people in the departments dealing with the problem, save information about the requests in the system, during a conversation they consult internal systems and adjust the offer to the parameters indicated by the consultant, thus supporting him/her during the handling of a specific enquiry.

Sales teams

Robots efficiently collect orders from the web form, enter data into the CRM system, generate courier order and send an e-mail to the customer with information about the package number, search for business cards according to the given criteria and collect data from them (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, web address), send mass e-mails with personalized content and much more.

HR teams

Robots can, for example, based on medical examination expiry dates stored in the system, prepare a list of employees with expiring medical examinations, and complete a referral template for each employee, issue salary certificates for employees and send a ready-to-print file, generate a working timecard based on absences and the entry monitoring system, and much more.

E-commerce teams

Robots without any problem, based on data provided in the source file, parameterise new products in the system and on portals and update the stocks of currently offered products, massively introduce advertisements/information to online social networks, auctions, and online shops every day.

All other teams

Robots work well in any team that manually performs simple, repetitive, time-consuming, and rule-based tasks.


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Start with ready-made automations or create your own

You don’t need to know anything about automation, as soon as you download Robot you can use 3 universal automations

Downloading NPB exchange rates

AUTOMADE Robot will download the current exchange rate or check the exchange rate on the given day. Fast and fully automatic

NIP (TIN) verification on a whitelist

Forget about manual verification of VAT status, AUTOMADE Robot will do it for you

Making referrals

Generate up to several hundred referrals in less than a minute

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Access to the Robot Management Panel

Consultant support

Professional onboarding

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Play automation

Browse and play built-in universal automation that works for any business

Create your own automations

Automate your unique processes — create automations, record tasks, and configure individual steps

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Why automate?

Speed up processes

Robot performs tasks faster than humans, can work 365/24/7 and is already saving our customers up to 200h per month!

Reduce costs

Robot performs repetitive tasks 100% autonomously. This allows our clients to save few to several dozen hours a week, which translates into savings of tens of thousands of PLN.

Reduce errors

Unlike a human, the Robot performs its work with consistent quality regardless of the number of repetitions, the time of day or the number of tasks waiting in the queue. By “employing” the Robot, our customers reduce the risk of errors to zero.

Increase productivity

Robot never gets bored and works with 100% efficiency, in turn, your employees, relieved from repetitive duties, can focus on the most important tasks and develop their competences.

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What can the AUTOMADE Robot do for you?

Data transfer

Robot works between different environments and web applications. You do not have to transfer data from one program to another by yourself

Data entry

Robot will enter data from documents into individual systems by itself. Once automated, your involvement in the process will drop to zero!

Mail handling

Robot will take care of your mailbox by transferring data from attachments to your system. Stop having “yesterday” emails

Data collection

Robot will collect data from websites and external servers. Increase process quality through automation

Data aggregation

Robot will combine multiple Excel files for you. Forget about wasting time and eliminate mistakes to zero.

PDF files preparation

Robot will at the same time issue up to several hundred certificates with a personalised offer based on data from different systems.

Reports creation

Based on the data indicated, the robot will create the appropriate statements and reports and send them to the persons indicated.

Systems integration

Robot is a great alternative to system integration (internal and external partners) and in one-off migration projects

Other tasks

The most tedious ones, where there was a lack of appropriate functionality or processes in other systems which made it necessary to perform them manually


and much more, limited only by your imagination!

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