Simple and effective automation in your organization thanks to Automade

Automade-ikona-prosty interfejs robota

Easy Robots

Meet intuitive Automade Robots that allow you to create and start automation yourself. Choose a Robot that suits your needs and start automating computer programs in an easy way.

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Automade-ikona-samodzielna automatyzacja


The benefit of the automation implementation. Sign up for robot training. Choose the appropriate type of support (Process Analysis, Mentoring) that will allow you to quickly and effectively create process automation in your organization.

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Automade-ikona-wdrożenie automatyzacji

Implementation services

Let the automation implementation carried out by Automade specialists. We will analyse your processes and prepare a precise implementation plan. We will deliver the license, install the robots and start automation so that you can quickly generate savings in your organization.

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Intuitive and user-friendly robots will make work easier for you and your people.

  • The simplicity of recording and easy playback of processes by the robot allows you to quickly enter the world of automation
  • Remove repetitive tasks from your schedule. Give your employees efficient tool to optimize their work
  • Don’t wait for expensive IT integrations. Now you can use the Automade Robot to transfer data from system to system
Meet all functionalities
Automade-ikona-prosty interfejs robota
Automade-ikona-szybkie wdrożenia w świat RPA

Fast and complex implementation into the RPA world

We will analyse your processes, design automation and train your team – from just a few minutes up to several days depending on the process.

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Where can you use automation?

The robot will speed up your processes, relieve you of repetitive and monotonous activities as well as reduce the cost of tasks.

Automade-ikona-automatyzacja-przenoś dane między systemami
Move data between systems (Windows environment and web applications)
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja-przygotowuj korespondencję masową
Prepare personalized offers and letters in mass correspondence
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja obsługi maili
Handle automated mailings
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja gromadzenia danych
Gather data from websites and external services

Effective implementation of automation in your company

Ask our consultant and discover the potential of robotisation. Let go of the repetitive tasks. Start saving and speeding up your processes today.


Meet us and see our robot in action


Tell us about your processes; we will identify those with the highest potential of cost-saving, prepare a plan and calculate the price of implementation.


We will present you a proposal of co-operation. We will recommend RPA software, evaluate implementation work and training


Depending on the scope of our offer, we will prepare and test macros (algorithms for robots), provide licenses, conduct training


We will start automating your processes together, show you statistics and calculate savings

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We work for

Every day we analyse our Customers’ processes. We carry out automation implementations, conduct consultations and training for business, and technical teams, as well as Centre of Excellence departments. Our Customers include:

Automade-ikona-pracujemy dla korporacji
Automade-ikona-pracujemy dla firm z sektora bankowego i ubezpieczeń
Companies from the banking and insurance sector
Automade-ikona-pracujemy dla firm z branży telekomunikacyjnej
Telecommunications companies
Automade-ikona-pracujemy dla małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw
Automade-ikona-pracujemy dla firm z branży logistycznej
Logistics companies
Automade-ikona-pracujemy dla branży retail i FMCG
Retail and FMCG representatives

Examples of automation implementations


Learn about the implementations in the area of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) carried out by Automade experts

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