Accounting for the purchase of cash vouchers

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Accounting for the purchase of cash vouchers

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Time-consuming and complicated process performed manually under time pressure – labour-intensive settlement of purchase of cash vouchers from NBP and their resale to 70-90 cooperative banks. Manual preparation of confirmations of transactions, generating statements of accounts and their mailing to banks. The process was handled by 2 people, for 3-4 hours, once a week. Due to formal issues, the process had to take place at specific times.


An automation of the process was prepared, in which the robot:

  • Enters, verifies and posts 4 types of transactions
  • Generates confirmations of their conclusion
  • Sends them by e-mail to designated banks


  • Minimising human time, freeing up human resources
  • Reducing manual work under time pressure – savings of 8-10 hours per month
  • Speeding up the process – transferring all work to the robot
  • Improvement of quality – reduction of errors to zero
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