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Automade-ikona-automatyzacja-przenoś dane między systemami
Move data between systems (Windows environment and web applications)
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja-przygotowuj korespondencję masową
Prepare personalized offers and letters in mass correspondence
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja obsługi maili
Handle automated mailings
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja przenoszenia plików
Process the files and move them to the specified folders
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja-agregowanie wielu plików
Aggregate data and combine multiple Excel files automatically
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja spersonalizowanych wysyłek
Create personalized shipments
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja tworzenia raportów i zestawień
Create statements and reports automatically
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja gromadzenia danych
Gather data from websites and external services

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I'm dealing with time-consuming processes
  • tasks take up a lot of time or involve a large number of employees
  • there are tasks with periodic accumulation and to be completed in a short time
I have repetitive processes
  • there are often repetitive tasks
  • the tasks have a simple execution procedure
  • there are no exceptions to the tasks
What matters to me is faultlessness and data security
  • tasks susceptible to human error or manipulation
  • when processing confidential data, it is better for the machine to process it than for people
I am struggling with the lack of integration between IT systems
  • the tasks require aggregation of data from multiple sources and switching between multiple IT systems
  • costly integration of IT systems postpones the execution of tasks and it could be replaced by the operation of the robot

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