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Automade-ikona-program partnerski

Integrators/implementation companies

You deal with IT implementations; you are no stranger to ERP/CRM systems. You notice that your customers are looking for optimization and automation tools. Become the Automade partner! Gain knowledge of the Robotic Process Automation area and become a professional Automade implementation partner. Develop your organization’s implementation competencies and earn by generating savings for your customers.

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Technology companies providing solutions

You deliver an IT solution to the market. You know how valuable it is now for customers to optimize and generate savings. You do not have to develop your product in all possible areas. The automation and robotisation of processes are handled by Automade. Join your product with an automation solution. You can already integrate Automade deeply into your product and gain additional possibilities. Learn how to use Automade to develop your product and service.

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Technology vendors

You deliver new technology products to the market. You have a sales network and are constantly developing your portfolio to be competitive in the market. With Automade, you will gain new opportunities in the rapidly growing automation market and generate significant new margins. Use the potential of your sales network, expand your portfolio with a modern automation product. Start developing co-operation with your customers and generate new revenue.

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Benefits for partners

Automade-ikona-łatwe skalowanie

Attractive commission

Our Partners receive a commission fee depending on the size and scope of projects conducted with us.

Automade-ikona-program partnerski - oferujemy dedykowany support

Dedicated Support

You have access to our business process analysis and implementation specialists from RPA and RDA. We guarantee fast response times, effective support in solving the business problems of our Partners’ customers.

Automade-ikona-program partnerski - oferujemy szkolenia


We offer professional product implementation for our new Partners as well as regular training sessions for cooperating companies.

Automade-ikona-program partnerski - oferujemy promocje cenowe

Dedicated price promotions

We have special offers addressed to our Partners, allowing for quick and effective support of their sales process.

Automade-ikona-program partnerski - oferujemy dostęp do materiałów


We have wide access to product materials, analyses, reports, presentations and case studies allowing for effective support of consulting and sales processes directed to our Partners’ customers.

Automade-ikona-samodzielna automatyzacja zwiększa wydajność

Participation in product shaping

First, we share our developmental roadmap. We enable our Partners to actively participate in product development, reporting, testing and evaluating new initiatives.

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