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Check the key benefits from introducing robotisation into the office operations!

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Automade-ikona-samodzielna i prosta automatyzacja w firmie
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja oszczędza czas i pieniądze

Save time and money

Automade Robots perform repetitive tasks much faster than humans. Thanks to Automade, you can save from a few hours per month to several days per year by creating your own automation. More advanced implementations carried out by our Automade team give our customers savings calculated in tens of thousands of PLN.

Automade-ikona-automatyzacja przyspiesza procesy biurowe

Speed up your processes

Thanks to Automade, your daily and time-consuming operations can be carried out without any unnecessary delay. Speed up your processes by even several hundred per cent. After the implementation of Automade Robots, the same operations: copying, searching, transferring data, creating documents, etc. will no longer consume your resources to a large extent.

Automade-ikona-automatyzacja zwiększa wydajność

Increase productivity

Automade robots will never get tired of their tasks, they will work with high efficiency and satisfy you with the quality and results of their work. Digital workers are always 100 per cent focused on doing their job, they learn easily and better handle all kinds of changes. One of them can be to increase work volumes – the robot can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Automade-ikona-uwolnij pracowników od powtarzalnych zadań

Free employees
from repetitive tasks

Regain your employees’ valuable time and give Automade Robots the chance to perform repetitive office operations. You will be able to use this extra time for tasks with a higher level of creativity, requiring abstract thinking, based on soft skills. Increase your employees’ satisfaction, remove monotonous and undeveloped tasks from their daily work.

Automade-ikona-zwiększa precyzję i jakość

Improve precision and quality

Automade robots are ideal for repetitive processes with a high degree of complexity. Using robots for such tasks minimizes the risk of errors. The robots will perform their work with a constant high quality regardless of the number of repetitions, time of day, deadline pressure, or a number of queued tasks. With Automade Robots, you will speed up processes, increase their quality and get rid of the additional iterations associated with correcting errors in the results.

Automade-ikona-poprawia bezpieczeństwo danych

Improve safety

Automade Robots will ensure full discretion when processing confidential data. Transferring the work to the Robots allows maintaining high safety standards in each process.  Your data, which is often susceptible to manipulation and requires an appropriate privacy policy, will always be processed just as securely.

Automade-ikona-automatyzacja bez wsparcia IT

Automate without IT support

Innovative Automade Robots allow you to quickly and independently create automation, which in many cases will allow you to replace time-consuming and expensive IT integration.

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Automade-ikona-kompleksowe wdrożenia automatyzacji

Fast and complex implementation into the RPA world

We will analyse your processes, design automation and train your team – from just a few minutes up to several days depending on the process.

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