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Manufacturer, not implementation company

We are a team of experts who have created and developed unique software for business process automation. The professional Automade tool is developed based on the knowledge and experience resulting from daily work on automation implementations at our Customers.

Automade-ikona-prosta obsluga robota

Extremely easy Robot use

Super easy Robots. Accessible and intuitive interface and a very simple way of creating automation make Automade software quickly become an effective tool for our customers to self-automatize processes in their organization.

Automade-ikona-kompleksowe wdrożenia automatyzacji

Comprehensive automation implementation

We will analyse your processes, estimate their potential for robotisation, design and implement automation that will allow you to generate savings and scale your business.

Automade-ikona-atrakcyjne koszty licencji robotów i wdrożeń

Attractive robot licensing and implementation costs

Meet our consultant and find out the prices of licenses and implementations of Automade Robots. We will help you choose the right type of support and calculate implementation costs for your processes. As a software supplier, we offer very attractive license costs and packages of implementation and training services.

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Automade-ikona-stawiamy na rentowność

We are committed to your profitability

Throughout the entire duration of implementation projects, together with our customers, we monitor the profitability of the implemented automation. We focus on quantifying the value and reliable calculation of the customer’s savings resulting from Automade implementations.

Automade-ikona-stałe wsparcie i profesjonalne doradztwo

Constant support and professional advice

Automade’s analytic-design implementation team is constantly at our customers’ disposal during implementation projects. We conduct process audits, identify key areas for automation, advise on how to create automation on your own, train in robotisation, mentor Customer teams. Professional consulting allows us to build a substantive partnership with our Customers

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Automade-ikona-rozwiązujemy problemy Klientów

We effectively solve our Customers’ problems

We focus on the effects. Our analytical and implementation team supports Customers in identifying problems and helps to find any sub-optimal business processes in the organization. Each automation implementation is carried out in the context of a named and identified customer problem. The primary goal of our implementations is to provide a solution that will bring measurable benefits.

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Automade-ikona-oszczędzasz dzięki automatyzacji

Save money by automation

We will analyse your processes and estimate the savings you will make when you automate them.

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Automade-ikona-szybkie wdrożenia w świat RPA

Fast and complex implementation into the RPA world

We will analyse your processes, design automation and train your team – from just a few minutes up to several days depending on the process.

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