About us

We create software robots that are super easy to use so that every business user can automate processes themselves, generating savings.
Automade-ikona-automatyzacja procesów biznesowych

We are a young and dynamic team of experts specializing in the field of automation. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) is our passion.

We have created a unique robotic solution to automate business processes in every company, from corporations through SMEs to small organizations. We provide our Customers with software robots that help automate repetitive office tasks.

We offer a comprehensive service of introducing automation – we analyse and audit the processes, indicate those that are worthwhile to robotize, implement Automade Robots, train the organization’s employees so that they can automate subsequent processes and generate savings.

We create a new wave of robotisation using a unique approach to Robotic Desktop Automation.  The simplicity of recording Automade, including the ease of creating and sharing automation, takes robotisation to a whole new level of accessibility for organizations and employees.

Find out why it is worth implementing automation in your company with us!

What makes us stand out

Automade-ikona-stworzyliśmy unikalne narzędzie do automatyzacji
We have created a unique automation tool

We are a software developer and at the same time a company that carries out automation implementations using Automade Robots. Unique process recording technology opens the door to automation in many companies, and our Robots are becoming an important tool to generate savings from automation.

Automade-ikona-proste roboty do automatyzacji
We are simplifying the world of automation

We are launching super simple Robots for automation creation. The intuitive interface and simplicity of recording complex business processes remove the entry barrier into process robotisation and open new fields for generating savings and scaling up the business.

Automade-ikona-posiadamy duże doświadczenie we wdrażaniu automatyzacji
We automate from A to Z

We have extensive experience in implementing automation in both corporations and SMEs. We are a team of highly qualified professionals and automation enthusiasts. Starting from the audit of potential for automation, process analysis through profitability calculation, recommendation and effective implementation, training and coaching, we introduce organizations to the world of process automation.

Automade-ikona-skuteczne rozwiązywanie problemów klientów
We focus on the success of the Customer

We focus on effectively solving our Customers' problems. In the implementation projects, we focus on generating savings, scaling up the business through automation and above all profitability.

Automade-ikona-wspieramy na każdym etapie automatyzacji
We give support at every stage of automation

We train in self-automation, perform process audits and support their optimization, we design dedicated automation. Depending on the Customer's needs, we recommend the scope of support so that the path to savings and business scaling is as effective as possible.

Automade-ikona-atrakcyjne koszty licencji robotów i wdrożeń
We generate our Customers’ savings

As a manufacturer of automation tools, we offer very attractive price plans, both for licenses and automation implementation. Automade Robots and a training program enable Customers to quickly acquire competence for self-automation and generate savings.

Our values

Automade-ikona-szybkie efekty
Focusing on Customer needs

It is the customer and their needs that are at the heart of the daily work of Automade teams. Both in product development, sales, customer service and carrying out of individual implementations, our guiding principle is to effectively solve customer problems.

Automade-ikona-pasjonaci automatyzacji i nowych technologi
Dynamism, passion and commitment

For several years now we have been building a team of automation and new technology enthusiasts. The commitment and enthusiasm of the Automade team in the creation of robotic solutions are further strengthened by close co-operation with the customer and the ability to work every day to solve real business problems, where creativity, speed of inference and a deep conviction that technology can effectively support people at work are very important.

Automade-ikona-otwartość na potrzeby klienta
Openness and partnership

At Automade, we know that the basis of a good relationship with the customer is the openness to their needs. Moreover, effective co-operation can only take place with a partnership approach. It is thanks to these values that we manage to create dedicated products and solve the real problems of our Customers in an original fashion.

Automade-ikona-doświadczeni eksperci
Professionalism and responsibility

From a B2B market perspective, long-term co-operation is always determined by the effectiveness and timeliness of the supplier. That is why our team consists of veteran experts who build trust in business by providing professional services and responsibility for the results delivered. These values guide us in Automade both in the process of creating applications for automation, development of robots, as well as in the implementation of audit, training and implementation services.

Our story


We launch the new Automade brand for our software Robots. We work on making Automade the symbol of a new wave of self-automation. As part of Automade solutions, we reduce the entry barrier into Robotic Process Automation, reduce process automation costs, simplify the very process of implementation and operation of robots and, above all, focus on profitability in automation implementations.


We create a new approach to robotisation by combining Robotic Process and Desktop Automation and providing the market with a super simple Robot interface, unique process recording technology and advanced algorithms with high resistance to changes in Customer environments.


The first software robots from Extreme Robotics are launched on the Polish market.

since 2017

We carry out many research and development projects financed, among others, from European Funds, continuing the development of our robotics software.


Extreme Robotics is created, a company that designs and develops software in the area of Robotic Process and Desktop Automation.


We are completing work on software robot architecture.


Business Online Services (BOS) is established, a Polish company producing systems for archiving and document circulation. BOS solutions are used mainly in health care and shared services centres in Europe and Asia.

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