Effective implementation of automation in your company

Schedule a meeting with our consultant; see the Robot demo and discover the automation potential in your company.

DEMO – see the Robot in action

See live, how simple and intuitive can processes automation be thanks to Automade Robots.

During the demo meeting, we will present in detail, how to:

  • record processes,
  • play them back,
  • manage automations,
  • we will share our experience with the implementation of Robots at our Customers’.

In addition, based on our experience, we will identify the potential locations where automation is most beneficial.

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Automade-ikona-analiza i weryfikacja procesów

PROCESSES ANALYSIS – What can be automated?

We will verify your processes at no cost. At the meeting with the Automade analyst:

  • we will identify key processes for automation,
  • we will detail the fastest processes to be robotized,
  • we will identify the processes that will bring the greatest return on investment.

We will prepare an effective plan to implement automation in your organization. We will estimate the workload and calculate profitability.

All this in a few days so that you can, without undue delay, decide on automation implementation.

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Automade-ikona-oferta współpracy

CO-OPERATION OFFER – Types of support in automation

As part of the Automade offer, you will receive detailed information about available Robot Licenses. Depending on your needs, you will be able to use Desktop, Studio or Server Robot to create and run automation in your organization (Robot License).

Additionally, you can take advantage of Support Packages, where our analysts and implementation experts will carry out effective automation of selected processes in your organization, share their knowledge and experience in business process optimization. Choose the scope of co-operation:

  • Robot Licenses,
  • automation implementation,
  • robotisation training,
  • mentoring of teams handling automation.

All of this is to help you to successfully complete your automation project and generate savings in the short term.

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Automade-ikona-development i testy-wdrożenie automatyzacji

DEVELOPMENT AND TESTS – Automation implementation

We quickly and effectively carry out automation implementations for our customers. Depending on the type of the chosen support:

  • we will provide a license and deliver the Robots to your organization,
  • we will provide coaching for your particular employees,
  • we will prepare, test and implement the automation you choose,
  • we will provide training,
  • we will accompany you with the implementation of further automation (mentoring in the area of process automation).
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Automade-ikona-przekazanie pracy robotom


After completion of the development and automation tests, Automade experts will ensure safe handover to the Robots:

  • we will start automation in the production environment in your organization,
  • we will verify the statistics,
  • we will calculate savings,
  • we will recommend automation processes to follow.
Check how the seft-automation works
Automade-ikona-kompleksowe wdrożenia automatyzacji

Fast and complex implementation into the RPA world

We will analyse your processes, design automation and train your team – from just a few minutes up to several days depending on the process.

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