Self-automation with Automade

Use Automade Robots to create automation in your company yourself. Provide your employees with effective tools and let them create savings in your company with their own hands.

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Automade-ikona-samodzielna automatyzacja tworzy oszczędności

Intuitive Automade Robots

You deal with IT implementations; you are no stranger to ERP/CRM systems. You notice that your customers are looking for optimization and automation tools. Become the Automade partner! Learn about the Robotic Process Automation area. Become a professional Automade implementation partner. Develop your organization’s implementation competencies and earn by generating savings for your customers.

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Training in automation

Learn how to get down to process automation Check which of your operations have the greatest potential for automation Get acquainted with a simple robot interface, go through practical exercises, see specific case studies from automation implementations. Get knowledge and experience under the guidance of the RPA implementation professionals to automate your processes.

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Support in creating automation

Use the support of Automade experts. We will help your employees with daily automation creation. We will tell you which processes have the greatest potential for automation, verify the correctness of performed optimizations, provide consultations and speed up automation in your company.

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Gain benefits thanks to self-automation

Automade-ikona-szybkie efekty

Quick effects

Small operations and parts of big processes are usually simple and quick to self-automate. The simplicity of the Automade tool and the short time from idea to implementation allows you to achieve savings from the first days of implementation of the tool in your organization.

Automade-ikona-łatwe skalowanie

Ease of scaling

Easy-to-use Automade Robots allow you to create many small automations in your company. Automade’s easy interface allows you to share automation between employees/divisions/departments and scale the savings and benefits across the organization.

Automade-ikona-samodzielna automatyzacja zwiększa wydajność

Everybody can optimize

By providing employees with easy-to-use Automade robots, you will unleash the creativity of your team and accelerate the optimisation of processes in your organisation. It is your employees who know best which monotonous operations and repetitive processes should be handled by robots. By giving committed people a tool to create automation, you will allow your team to effectively increase productivity and generate savings in your business.

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Join companies that save money by automating their processes. Scale your business, provide your employees with an intuitive tool to create optimization.

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