Verification of Customers’ files in the Central Statistical Office (GUS)

Case Study

Verification of Customers’ files in the Central Statistical Office (GUS)

Automade-ikona-automaty w dziale kontrolingu

About the company

Controlling department in a medium-sized financial services company


The company is obliged to regularly verify the compliance of the data contained in the customers’ files with the data contained in the National Court Register (KRS) or the Central Statistical Office (GUS), to use the correct procedures for handling a given customer. Unfortunately, due to the heavy burden on employees, this verification was carried out on average once a quarter, resulting in cases where inappropriate procedures were applied to the customer.


Automation has been prepared that compares customer data from the company’s central system report with the data contained in the GUS portal and sends the result of this verification to the employees.

Jest to przykład procesu, który użytkownicy biznesowi są w stanie w całości przygotować samodzielnie po przebytym szkoleniu (wykorzystanie Excel oraz strony WWW).


  • The process, which used to be carried out once a quarter on average, could be now performed daily: in the case of manual verification, it would take about 15 hours per month.
  • Information about changes in customer data (such as legal form or address) was obtained on an ongoing basis, which increased procedural compliance in customer service and reduced the need for corrections.


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