Ordering the collection of courier shipments from customers (pick-ups)

Case Study

Ordering the collection of courier shipments from customers (pick-ups)

About the company

Claims department – logistics company.


Time-consuming process of ordering courier collection – the company serves airline customers who report damage to luggage during transport. The company handles the entire complaint process. Every day, 200-350 claims are entered, requiring, among other things, the ordering of courier services. The process is very time-consuming and required hiring a dedicated person to handle it.


An automation of the process was prepared, in which the robot:

  • generates a report of cases with an appropriate status
  • retrieves customer address data from CRM
  • enters orders for courier collection (so-called pick-up)


  • reduce human working time – the process of human involvement dropped from 8 hours to zero
  • speed up the process – transferring courier ordering to a robot
  • improve quality – eliminating errors in contact details
  • as a result, it was possible to increase the efficiency of the process without increasing employment
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